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Double Bonus video poker is fast becoming a rival for the Jacks or Better variation of the game. This is due to Double Bonus video poker’s increased wins for all four of a kind hands and even bigger payouts on four of a kind aces.

Double Bonus video poker is a unique variation of the game in the sense players are able to beat the house edge. This is made possible by players developing an ideal strategy and using their player card. Double Bonus video poker is slightly more complicated in comparison to other variations of the game; however, it is still much easier than other table games such as baccarat and craps. To get started, players are required to deposit money into their real money casino accounts. These funds can then be used for wagering on Double Bonus Video Poker. Players can bet anything between one and five coins. Obviously, the higher you bet the higher your payouts will be bearing in mind a maximum payout can only be made if the maximum bet was placed.

Once the coins have been placed, players can then hit the deal button to start the hand. Players are then advised to hold cards they like and discard any cards they do not like. Once players have received their new cards, players are forced to stand. The Microgaming online casino software will then take over to review your hand and give payouts accordingly. To identify if you have a winning hand, you should know what the possibilities are in Double Bonus video poker.

Understanding hands in Double Bonus Video Poker

  • Royal Flush: The highest possible hand achievable that contains an Ace-high flush of the same suit
  • Straight Flush: A hand containing five cards in sequence of the same suit
  • Full House: A hand consisting of a three of a kind and a pair that is different to the three of a kind
  • Flush: A hand consisting of five cards of the same suit
  • Straight: A hand containing five cards in sequence, but of a different suit
  • Three of a Kind: A hand containing three of the same value cards
  • Two Pair: A hand containing two of the same value cards

Strategy to optimise Your Double Bonus Video Poker Game

  • Keep four to a royal flush over a straight.
  • Keep a high pair over a four to flush.
  • If you have a full house with three aces, discard the pair and aim for four aces.
  • If players have a four to a straight flush they should keep it over a high pair.

Why Play Double Bonus Video Poker

Double Bonus Video Poker is one of the most challenging video poker variations. If you are new to the game and feel a little overwhelmed, it is probably a wiser option to start off with the simpler variations like Jacks or Better. Online Casinos Canada offer a large variety, so finding something simpler won’t be a hassle.

Types of Online Video Poker

There are 6 different types of Online Video Pokers, they are:

  • Jacks or Better: This is the best and most common variation, the payout here is 9 times your bet made.
  • Jokers Wild: The major difference in this variation is that you have access to a Joker which can substitute for any card of your liking.
  • Deuces Wild: Exactly like Jokers Wild, except here you get 2 Jokers instead of one
  • Tens or Better: A variation of Jacks or Better
  • Bonus Video Poker: This offers a higher payout than Jacks or Better, but offers the exact same gameplay
  • Double Double Bonus: If you hold four of a kind you will receive an extra payout