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Roulette royale is based on the standard European roulette as there is only one zero (0) in the game. Since the game does not have the American style of using a double zero (00) there are more opportunities for you to win. You need to make a bet on a number or a group of numbers or you can cover various numbers at the same time. You can also bet on the colour that you think the roulette ball will stop in. You want to bet on the winning number because this is what will wheel in the prizes for you. The great news for roulette lovers is that this is not your average game of roulette. It offers you a majestic gift in the form of being a progressive jackpot too. The jackpot builds up over a period and many players would be contributing to it as time goes by.

Best Roulette Royale Casino Game

One credit per game is dedicated to the jackpot, and it can become huge. To win the jackpot, you need to get 5 hits on the same number. There are also smaller jackpot amounts that you win with consecutive wins. If you win the same number four times in a row, you can still win a magnificent 3000-coins.

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