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Try your luck against the wheel of fortune with the American Roulette virtual table game. This online casino game is modeled on the widely popular American Roulette tables you would find in any high-class Las Vegas casino where the stakes are high and the Double-Zero is king! The table is divided into the traditional Red and Black colors with 36 numbers on the table grid, as well as Single Zero and the All-American Double-Zero pockets.

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The game offers special wagers known as “call bets”, and give the player the choice between a regular and expert gaming mode which offers standard and advanced playing features respectively. The conventional, land-based casino look and feel of the graphics, as well as the inclusion of the Double Zero to the roulette wheel, is designed to appeal to players within a specifically American demographic or to players who enjoy the American-style casino games.

The game requires you to call a number or a set of numbers and /or a color (either Red or Black), whereby a small ball is rolled onto the counter-spinning roulette wheel. If your ball lands on the number(s) and color you called, you are a winner! The highest odds of this game are a straight bet of 35:1, and the maximum wager size is 20.00.

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