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Start your engines and prepare yourself to win massive jackpots with the Mega Money Rush casino game. Racing has always been associated with fast cars, luxury drinks and of course lots of money. Nothing is different in this offering from Microgaming. Online casino players are provided with a once in a life time chance to enter the racing world and win big while doing it. Get a hold of the rush to see how much mega money you can win with this Canadian casino game.

Mega Money Rush Casino Game

Mega Money Rush Gameplay

Mega Money Rush is not the first of its kind when it comes to gambling games based on racing. However, that just makes it all the more better as it leverages off the failures and successes of past casino games like it. Besides offering just racing cars, online casino players can also choose from a variety of speedboats and planes. Feel the rush with all that this casino game has to offer and win big with little effort.

How to play Mega Money Rush

This game is slightly different to what you’re used to, but we’ll get you up to speed on how to play Mega Money Rush:

  • First, online casino players must select what gives them the greatest rush. Will it be a speedboat, a plane or maybe a high-performance sport car? As players advance through the game, different vehicles will be unlocked to choose from.
  • Online casino players can potentially win up to 8,000 times their original bet. That makes for an incredibly fast way to make some real money.
  • Spin the wheel of fortune to see where the point randomly lands on the board. Should the pointer land a win, the next spin will determine the value of the win.
  • On the PC version, all you have to do is press the spacebar to start the race feature. From there on all you have to do is race across the track, collecting as many coins as you can. Look out for treasure chests as these contain various prizes.
  • Avoid obstacles while you race as they will hinder your progress. Collect powerups such as the magnet to swoop up coins automatically without having to steer into them. This will help you advance to the next levels.

Mega Money Rush Has Big Wins

Mega Money Rush incorporates the suspense of a spinning wheel with the popular running games frequently played on Apple and Android devices. This game gets progressively more difficult as you advance which only means more money to be won. Only top Canadian gambling sites offer Mega Money Rush and other top online slots and casino games. We showcase all the top Canadian casino sites on our website.