Slot Machine Myths Busted

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Slot Machine Myths Busted

Whether you’re playing slots at an online casino or at an actual casino venue, the same rumours circulate around slot machines. The main purpose of casino games is to entertain. However, many players believe they have these games of complete chance down to a science, or even a superstitious belief. Ironically, this is the biggest myth that casino players fail to take into consideration. Everyone has their own opinion about how to beat the slots. Sadly, they couldn’t be more wrong. Online slots and slot machines have no real strategy, cheats or techniques that make players win more. Here are the most commonly held beliefs around slots that just aren’t true.

Slot Machine Myths

Slots Do Not Have a Predetermined Pattern

One of the biggest myths about slot machines is that they have a predetermined pattern or outcome. This is a popular myth held amongst casual gamblers and even big spenders at slot machines. However, the truth is that slots are actually operated by software called a Random Number Generator (RNG). The RNG creates different patterns every single second, even while players aren’t spinning the reels. The moment you press spin is the moment a set of random sequences are selected for the icons to appear on the reels.

You Didn’t Miss Your Jackpot by Playing Another Slot Game

Players are often scared to leave a machine they have spent lots of money on. This is because they believe the next player will simply win the jackpot they were trying to unlock. The truth is that jackpots aren’t unlocked, they are won by chance. Simply put, if a player wins a jackpot at a slot machine you were playing, it doesn’t mean you would have won it too. If you wanted to win that exact same jackpot, you would have needed to spin the reels at the exact same moment that the player who won it did. This is all because the RNG generated the winning sequence at that exact second.

You Can’t Beat the Odds of any Slot Machine

With the same kind of sense, many players believe that the longer you play a slot game the better the odds of it paying out. This seems to be a very prevalent belief among slot players, possibly to justify irresponsible gaming. The truth of the matter is that no variation of time will yield better results or a jackpot. Once again, all outcomes are dictated by the RNG. Every single spin of the reels has the same odds as before. With all spins holding the same odds, it’s also possible to hit two or more jackpots in a row.

No Need to Avoid Slots That Have Just Paid Out

Most people still believe that every slot game works on a payout schedule. This is not the case as winning at a machine that has just paid out is possible too. In fact, as said before, players could even win the jackpot again with their next spin. The odds of winning do not change before or after a jackpot. Once again, this is due to the slot machine’s RNG software.

Bet Size Does Not Affect Your Chances of Winning

People playing the slots stand by the myth that if they vary their bet amounts, they can trick the slot machine into paying out. Once again, the RNG determines what the reels show and are a result of a mathematical sequence of numbers installed into the slot game. In simpler terms, the exact same spin outcome would have shown up no matter what the size of your bet was. The odds remain the same for every spin and on any slot machine for that matter.

There are No ‘Hot’ or ‘Cold’ Slots Games

Still the most popularly held belief is that you get what is termed as ‘hot machines’ and ‘cold machines’. A hot machine is a slot believed to be ready to payout a jackpot or large wins. Cold machines are used to refer to slots that haven’t paid in a long time. Both of these concepts couldn’t be further from the truth! If you’ve learned anything from this blog post, make it be that a RNG determines every outcome on a slot game. This means that cold machines are not scheduled to become hot. By the same logic, hot machines do not exist or increase your chances of winning a jackpot.

Always Play Responsibly

Whenever you play slots at our online casino, always be sure to play responsibly. Crazy Vegas Online Casino promotes responsible gaming on our casino site. Once you’ve set your budget and toped up your bankroll, feel free to explore over 800+ casino games at our casino site.

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