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Gamescom 2016

Gamescom 2016 recently took place in Cologne, Germany. It’s Europe’s biggest gaming convention and may, arguably, be the world’s biggest gaming convention. Gamescom is an annual event where video game developers gather to showcase exciting news and upcoming games that avid gamers can look forward to. The event lasts for five days, and we’ve looked at some of the best indie games that were announced at Gamescom 2016. Below is our selection of three of the most intriguing indie games we found.

Gamescom 2016

Indie Games emerging from Gamescom 2016

Everyone loves a good indie game from time to time. At this year’s Gamescom there were quite a few indie games that caught the attention of many gamers. Three of these. However, particularly stood out from the crowd.

1. Diluvion

Diluvion features an exquisite combination of 2D and 3D graphics. Essentially, it combines a 3D environment that players can explore with incredibly memorable 2D art. The scenario: a devastating flood has forced humans to live underwater in a steampunk landscape. The player gets to explore the underwater landscape and recruit crew members as they search for answers as to why the flood happened. The game is certainly interesting and has peaked the attention of many indie game lovers.

2. Seasons After Fall

This game incorporates hand-painted 2D graphics. Players get to explore a beautifully dense forest as a fox that has the spirit of the forest as a companion. Players can manipulate the seasons and the forest by delving into some of the games fun puzzles. Players will enjoy the game for the beautiful graphics alone.

3. Black the Fall

Black the Fall depicts a dark environment in which the player must navigate with extreme stealth and caution. In this game, people are reduced to mindless workers to generate energy for a communist nation. Players seeking a game full of adrenaline should watch out for Black the Fall.

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