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E3 has come and gone, but left the gaming community with plenty of exciting new games to talk about and even more to look forward to. Some of the best releases included:

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    • Sony: with a large booth at the E3 2016, one of Sony’s biggest reveals were Death Stranding from one of the highest acclaimed developers, Hideo Kojima. There was also plenty on PlayStation VR set to be released in October 2016.
    • Microsoft: Project Scorpion, Play Anywhere, Gears of War 4. Microsoft announced a new Xbox One, ‘Xbox One S’, that is said to be a slimmer version. ‘Gears of War 4’ was also announced and will support gameplay on PC and Xbox Play Anywhere. Project Scorpion was announced and is set to be released in 2017, it’s also backwards compatible with Xbox and the newly announced ‘Xbox One S’.
    • Nintendo: The Legend of Zelda: Breath of Life announced. Nintendo gave The Legend of Zelda special treatment, declaring that it might just be the biggest Nintendo Game… ever.
    • EA: Titanfall sequel campaign. The Titanfall sequel will now include single-player campaign mode, Titans will also be sentient and will be set to follow some Isaac Asimov’s laws of robotics. EA also announced ‘Fe’, a game that’s been described as being a hybrid between Spyro and Journey.
    • Ubisoft: A new Southpark game, Watch Dogs 2 and Ghost Recon: Wildlands. Ubisoft demoed their VR game, Eagle Flight, which included a competitive VR multiplayer platform. Ubisoft also announced ‘Grow Up’ which is the sequel to ‘Grow Home’.

Judging from the result of E3 2016, it’s set to be an exciting few years ahead for the gaming community.

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