Celebrities who Could Become Professional Gamblers

Celebrities sometimes seem to have everything they could possibly need and want. They have the money, fancy cars and clothes, big houses, and holiday homes in various destinations around the world. Then just when you thought that was all, some are even fortunate enough to be blessed with the luck we all so desperately desire [...]

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The Top Ten Land-Based Casinos

There are loads of land-based casinos scattered around the world. Some will provide you with the exact casino entertainment you’re looking for. However, if you’re seeking that perfect vacation and are willing to splurge on a holiday you’ll never forget, check out our guide to the Top Ten Land-Based Casinos in the world. 1.The Borgata [...]

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Upcoming Movies for 2017

We’ve been promised a lot of amazing film titles this year and we’re hoping we won’t be let down by some of these promising movies. Below is a tiny snippet of movies that are worth a watch and are due to be released in the early months of 2017. January 2017 xXx 3: The Return [...]

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What a Trump Win Means for Online Gambling

Trump has been a strong advocate for online gaming, so the online gaming industry may not want to dismiss his presidency in a haste. During his candidacy and election campaign, Trump relied on the support of many Las Vegas moguls. With the exception of the MGM’s Jim Murren and Steve Wynn, Trump easily garnered the [...]

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New and Returning TV Series

TV series have taken a bit of a down time in recent months. However, things are about to get exciting again so you can look forward to all new series as well as some returning favourites (none of which include reality TV). Westworld Westworld is one of HBOs brand new series set to premier in [...]

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Final Fantasy XV

Final Fantasy XV is probably the number one most anticipated game in Japan. The game is based on a science fiction/fantasy role-playing platform and was first introduced to the world in 1987. It has since grown to be a multi-platform game available on PC, consoles, and mobile phones. Final Fantasy XV is set to be [...]

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ABC Renewed TV Series

ABC has given early renewals to 15 of its most popular TV show. This official announcement was released on Thursday March 4th, 2016 by the network. Fans can expect to see their favourite series, including the entire “TGIT” line up for 2016 and 2017. There were however, some shows left hanging with no guarantee of [...]

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The South by Southwest Festival

What is South by Southwest? South by Southwest (or as it’s commonly referred to, SXSW), is an annual festival that encompasses music, film and interactive media. It usually takes place in the middle of March in Austin, Texas and has been a regular occurrence since 1987. The festival usually spans across 9 days and is [...]

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Marvel’s Highly Anticipated Deadpool Movie

Marvel already has quite a lucrative business with the numerous amount of films coming out in 2016 alone. However, the Deadpool film seems to set itself apart as it’s quite convention defying. It defies the convention of what people have come to expect from run-of-the-mill Superhero movies strewn throughout the past decade. The Deadpool film [...]

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Brisbane Mum Takes Selfie with Johnny Depp

Brisbane Mum Takes a Selfie With Johnny Depp… While in Her Pajamas Johnny Depp is currently on the set of the famed Pirates of the Caribbean, filming the fifth installment with his crew at the Brisbane Marina and there was no stopping Kaylynn Maree grabbing a selfie with the star. Ms Maree said she saw [...]

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