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Card Counting in Blackjack and How to do it with Crazy Vegas Casino Canada

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What is Card Counting anyway?

Card Counting is a method that has been around since the inception of modern Blackjack. It’s a method of cheating primarily employed to beat the dealer and increase your own odds and has made many Blackjack players weatlhy. Even though, Card Counting has aided some professional blackjack players in the past, it is pretty much impossible to employ this method of cheating in online casinos, and land-based casinos for that matter. Technology and security make it extremely difficult for players to count cards in casinos today, whether you’re playing online or in a land-based casino.

The focal point of counting cards in blackjack is that the higher cards offer the player a distinct advantage. If we think about it, the higher value cards, especially 10-value cards do pose a disadvantage to the dealer as the dealer must hit on a hand between the card value of 12 and 16.

How Card Counting in Blackjack Works?

In blackjack, there is the common misconception that card counting means that a player has to remember every single card that is in the deck or shoe. Rather, card counting involves assigning a specific value to a certain type of card. Essentially, you’re grouping cards by assigning one of three values to them, -1, 0 or +1. In this way, a player who is counting cards should keep a running count based on the cards that have been dealt out of the shoe.

This will give a player more of an idea of what kind of bets to make. For example, if there are high value cards like Aces and 10-value cards in the shoe, then the player will have a higher chance of achieving blackjack.

There are actually many card counting methods out there, but most of these revolve around the same idea – keeping track of the high and low cards by grouping the cards. The most popular system for counting cards is the ‘High-Opt System’. Below is a list of some of the most popular methods of Card Counting:

  • The High Opt 1: This is probably the easiest and most popular method of card counting used by blackjack players. When you see a low card (three, four, five or six), count it as a +1. A 10-value card is -1. The idea is that if you have a card count that is positive, you can place a higher wager. If you have card count that is below zero, then the player who is card counting would most likely place a lower wager.
  • The Running Count: This technique must commence after the dealer has shuffled the deck, and must start again when the dealer reshuffles.
  • The True Count: This is a technique based on card counting when multiple decks are in use.
  • The Ace Side Count: This implements the ‘High Opt 1’ but requires card counters to count the Aces on the side.
  • Bet Spreads in Blackjack: This places emphasis on wagering more when the player has an edge over the house and less when the player doesn’t have an edge. This system requires players to wager according to the ‘True Count’.

How to tell if you’re playing blackjack with a card counter

There are a few ‘tells’ when a player is card counting. One of them is that a player who is counting cards will noticeably bet high when the card count is high and bet low when the count is low. However, if you aren’t counting cards yourself this will be fairly difficult to notice. The other way to tell if someone is counting cards is that they will tend to make most of their wagers towards the end of the shoe. Another sure way to spot a card counter is if they split 10’s. Most seasoned blackjack players would never do this. Splitting 10’s and having a large wager on the table is suspicious behaviour and there is a high likelihood that this player is counting cards.

Blackjack Tips with Crazy Vegas Casino

Hopefully this helpful insert on card counting in blackjack has been useful to some of our online players. At Crazy Vegas Casino, we try and remove some of the myths so that our players can have enjoyable gambling experiences, whether they’re playing at an online casino or at a land-based casino. All gamblers should be knowledgeable about their favourite casino game. Visit some of our Casino Game Tips pages for more helpful hints.

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