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Roulette is a casino game that is rich in history and one that was developed by chance, more than anything else. Roulette is known to be a game that’s all about the odds, house edge and statistics. It was invented by a French physicist and mathematician, who was in actual fact trying to invent the perpetual motion machine. Instead, the experiment turned into one of the most thrilling casino games of all times!

Free Real Money Roulette Guide

The Frenchmen’s design remained unchanged for many centuries. In 1842, the roulette wheel underwent its first changes when Francois and Lois Blanc developed a roulette wheel with a single zero, specifically for the King of Monaco, King Charles the third. This was a huge deal, as it increased the house edge.

As time went on and the game made its way around the world, it was only a matter of time before roulette would be influenced by the Americans. The Americans modified the wheel to have a double zero feature. This means the roulette wheel would now contain 38 numbers, giving an even greater house edge.

Roulette Today

The next biggest roulette development, was the introduction of online roulette in the early 1990’s. This meant that you longer had to travel anywhere around the world to play different variants of the game. Players could enjoy their favourite variant from the comfort of their own home.

Playing Roulette Step by Step

Step 1

Before stepping up to up the table for the first time, it would be a good idea to familiarise yourself with the basics such as the roulette wheel and betting options. It will also be helpful to understand where to place your wagering chips on the roulette table for the different bet options.

Step 2

Once you understand the basics, it will be beneficial to learn about the inside bets and outside bets. Players will be able to find a list of these betting options further down in the article.

Step 3

When you think you have nailed these basics, you will be ready to step up to the table to start wagering real money.

Step 4

Decide on the bets you would like to place and place your chips in the relevant spaces.

Step 5

Watch the roulette wheel spin and see where the ball lands. Once the ball has landed in a pocket, you know your fortune. All winning bets will be paid out and losing bets will be collected before the next round starts.

The Roulette Wheel

Playing at online roulette means you will find a number of different roulette wheels. When you learn to play roulette, it is always good learning about the two main types of roulette wheels.

  • European Roulette – this type of Roulette Wheel contains 37 pockets numbered 0-36.
  • American Roulette – the Roulette Wheel contains 38 pockets, numbered 00-36. This type of wheel offers a greater house edge due to the increased amount of pockets.

Roulette Table Layout

The layout of the roulette table will indicate the different betting options casino patrons have. There is an inside betting area as well as outside betting area. Both areas offer players a variety of betting options. The inside bets contain individual numbers while the outside bets focus on betting areas that cover a group of numbers.

Inside numbers are arranged in 12 rows of three numbers each. The outside betting consists of boxes, columns, red or even, and odd or even groups.

Learning to Play Roulette

Learning to play roulette is very easy. Players buy chips which they use to place their wagers. If it is a game of multiplayer roulette, then each player will be given different colour chips to avoid confusion. Players will then be required to place their bets, which can be done until the dealer calls no more bets. If the ball lands on a bet you placed, you will receive the respective payout.

Types of Roulette Betting Explained

Inside Bets: These bets can be placed on individual numbers or on a combination of numbers.

Straight Up bets: These wagers are placed on individual numbers.

Split Bets: These wagers cover 2 numbers on the roulette table.

Street Bets or Line Bets: These are bets placed on the vertical line separating the inside and outside betting areas.

Corner Bets: These wagers cover four numbers on the roulette table. They can be placed by players placing their betting chips in the corner so that it is touching all the four corners of the numbers.

Basket Bet: This bet covers 5 numbers, 00-3.

Double Street Bet: This is a wager that covers 6 numbers and can be wagered on by players placing their chip on the line separating the outside and inside areas.

Outside Bets: These are wagers placed in the boxes surrounding the numbers.

Red and Black Bets: These are bets placed in a manner where the ball will drop on either a black or red number. In these bets, only the colour is relevant.

Even or Odd Bets: These are wagers placed where the ball will fall on either an even or odd number.

Dozens Bet: These wagers are placed on 12 consecutive numbers, either; 1-12; 13-24; 25-36.

Column Bets: These wagers are also placed on 12 numbers, which are arranged in vertical columns. These wagers can be made by players placing their chips at the bottom of the layout.

Top Roulette Tips

Get the best 2018 roulette tips on how to Win at Roulette with Crazy Vegas Casino! Our hints and techniques will have you playing like a pro in no time. With the developments of roulette from physics to online fun, it is a game that has definitely worth trying your casino skill on. Learn to play online roulette at top roulette casinos online today for the most exciting and thrilling experience!

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