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Fill up your appetite, get your daily five fruits and win big all in one neatly packed online slot game. The Fruit Blast online slot by Microgaming is a tasty explosion because it’s a fruit-themed slot. Fruit Blast is a one-of-a-kind online slot icon-matching game. In this game, players need to connect three or more identical fruit symbols in a horizontal or vertical line or both. This will then fill up the meter fillers on the left side of the game. Once clustered symbols have transferred across, spaces will then open up into, which new fruit symbols will fill up from above.

Free Fruit Blast Game Review

How to Play the Fruit Blast Game

This game is relatively easy to play once you get to know it. Luckily for you, Canadian online casino players can first try out this game for free before betting any real money. Here’s how to play it:

  • Players simply need to pair up matching fruit symbols to eventually fill up meter-fillers.
  • To fill up an entire fruit meter, it takes seven identical matches. However, players must achieve a full meter within one spin or else their meter will be reset to empty once a new spin launches.
  • Bear in mind that you may fill up one fruit meter more than once as well.
  • This will multiply the payout by the number of times you’ve filled up that specific meter.
  • You will know that there are no longer any possible moves when the screen displays a notice saying “No More Moves”.

How the Reward System Works

This online slot comes with its own uniquely-styled reel icons. These include the following:

  • Red icons represent cherries.
  • Light green icons represent lemons.
  • Purple icons represent grapes.
  • Dark Green icons represent watermelons.
  • Orange icons represent pineapples.
  • Bonus icons require three or more clusters to blast and disappear, activating certain bonus features.
  • Jackpot icons award an instant bonus prize equal to 1000 times your bet value, when forming a cluster in the higher game levels.

Each of these fruit symbols fill up their respective fruit meter that has their own bet value multiplier. Filling up the pineapple fruit meter awards the highest multiplier of 10 times your bet value per every full meter. To increase the bet value multiplier, fill up the meter more than once and it will double or triple, depending on how many times you’ve filled it up.

Fruit Blast Game Levels

There are different levels a player can access throughout playing the Fruit Blast game. To advance in levels, players need to collect star symbols. Above the game screen, online casino players can see how many stars they need to collect to before reaching a new level. All stars collected are always transferred onto the next spin until you’ve reached the number needed to unlock the next level. Here’s what’s in store at each different level as you progress, the game only becomes more lucrative:

  • Level 2 (Hawaiian shake): Here a bonus symbol would award an instant win of up to 8x your bet value.
  • Level 5 (Dance nights): This triggers a round of five free spins. Each spin guarantees a win, but the bonus and jackpot symbols are excluded from this round.
  • Level 9 (Pick and win): This is essentially a pick any random prize bonus game. When activated by a bonus symbol, Canadian players can choose between prizes that include multipliers of up to 15 times your original bet. Players continue to pick prizes until they choose a prize that has a “Collect” prompt.
  • Level 12 (Goth a fruit?): This is another random prize picker bonus game that can award up to 196x your original bet.
  • Level 13 (Happy hour): On this level, filling up one fruit meter with a single bet-free spin will award up to 10x your bet value.
  • Level 19 (Side dish): This activates one game topped off with a 10x win multiplier.
  • Double shake: Continuously winning allows players to earn double rewards of up to a maximum of 64x your bet value.
  • Pick and win II: This pick-a-prize game is different because it includes a win-multiplier as a mystery reward. Players reveal a multiplier to increase their total winnings gained from the spin with up to 170x their initial bet.

Blast Off with the Fruit Blast Game

Canadians can enjoy this one-of-a-kind online slot game for free before they feel comfortable enough playing it for real money. There are some massive cash rewards to be won when playing the Fruit Blast game for real money. So, give it a try, it can only reward you with great entertainment or huge cash jackpots.