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The World Poker Tour showdown has been in progress since March 31, 2016. The game play has continued over the past few days, with Friday April 15th 2016 marking the beginning of the ultimate showdown which is expected to have a $3500 buy-in. However, despite the tournaments making big news, it is the introduction of the shot clock that has everyone buzzing.

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According to pro poker player and announcer, Mike Sexton, the World Poker Tour has been favouring the introduction of the action clock for quite some time. Sexton said the majority of poker hand decisions will be able to be made within the time that will be offered on the action clock. This introduction will definitely add more excitement for players, dealers, and the fans watching.

The new timing method of the shot clock is expected to provide players with 5 buttons which will give them extra time. Each is worth 30 seconds and players will be able to use the buttons at their own discretion. This will be handy during those moments when the player’s tournament life is on the line.

Since the announcement of the shot clock, some players are in favour of it, while others feel it takes away from the strategy of decision making. Some also suggest it may disrupt the flow of the game and strategy of players as they will be required to wait.

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