The Most Expensive Deserts

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The Most Expensive Deserts

A dessert is something that’s fleeting, it lasts for a while but not forever. Yet some of these deserts cost as much as a loft in New York City or a collection of payments on a car. But if you ever have some extra money lying around and feel like being totally opulent and extravagant, then splurging on one of these ridiculously priced desserts might be for you.

5. The Priciest Cupcake

Customers can expect to pay a cool $1 010 for one of these cupcakes at the ‘Golden Phoenix’ bakery in Dubai. So what exactly makes this cupcake so expensive? The Golden Phoenix cupcake is made with Ugandan vanilla beans and Amedei Porcelana chocolate. But that alone wouldn’t make the dessert cost as much as it does. It’s probably the 23-karat gold that makes the ‘Golden Phoenix’ cupcake so expensive. So if you’re ever in the mood for a four figure cupcake then the ‘Golden Phoenix’ bakery in Dubai is the place to get it.

Most Expensive desserts on the planet

4. A Four Figured Doughnut

If a four figure cupcake isn’t for you, perhaps a doughnut that costs four figures is more to your taste. This Krispy Kreme creation will set you back $1 682. This doughnut is made using a 500 year-old cognac and a 2002 Dom Perignon. But maybe it’s the 34-karat edible gold leaf and the gold-dusted white chocolate that makes this doughnut so expensive.

Krispy Kreme Donught worth $1 682

3. World’s Most Expensive Macaroons

Macaroons are a French confectionary dessert that have become popular in the last decade. Pastry Chef Piere Herme creates a variety of carefully crafted macaroons. Customers are given freedom to choose the inclusion of ingredients in their macaroons. So a box of these macaroons could end up costing you as much as $7 414.

French Macaroons

2. Opulence in a Frozen Dessert

New York City’s Serendipity 3 restaurant serves a Frozen Chocolate Haute that costs $25 000. Essentially it’s an ice cream that consists of a variety of cocoa blends, milk, whipped cream and truffles. To make it extra special 24-karat gold is added to this frozen desert. In addition the goblet the dessert is served in is made of gold and rows of diamonds. If that’s not enough, the spoon is also made of gold and you get to keep it. In case that wasn’t enough, the dessert comes with an 18-karat bracelet that serves as a souvenir.

Most Expensive Cupcake in the World

1. A Diamond Affair of a Fruit Cake

There’s only one reason a fruit cake could cost as much as $1.7 million and that’s… diamonds. This cake took approximately 6 months to create and was made by a Japanese pastry chef. It’s covered in marzipan but also 223 diamonds. The pastry chef has, however, kept the ingredients of this sweet masterpiece a secret.

Fruit Cake

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