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What is South by Southwest?

South by Southwest (or as it’s commonly referred to, SXSW), is an annual festival that encompasses music, film and interactive media. It usually takes place in the middle of March in Austin, Texas and has been a regular occurrence since 1987. The festival usually spans across 9 days and is attended by thousands of people. In fact, even President Obama made an appearance to talk to the tech crowd about the policy of encryption. In a nutshell, SXSW is a festival that reveals the latest and most innovative trends in music, film and tech.

SXSW 2016

Things that emerged at SXSW

One of the big reveals was made by Sony’s R$D Lab, who showed off a prototype of a wearable speaker called Arc. Arc can be worn around the neck, responds to voice commands and even holds a camera inside. Samsung also took to the stage, revealing VR games that have the ability to let people feel movement through electrical impulses. NASA also showed up and made a great deal about wanting to get human beings to mars… A lot happened on the tech front at SXSW, but the biggest topic proved to be Obama’s speech on digital privacy and security, which is a big deal in this century, after all.

The film and music side of SXSW also made waves with a featured talk by J.J. Abrahams. J.J. Abrahams made it clear that he doesn’t want people to watch movies on their phones or tablets, instead everyone should be watching films on the big screen. Entailing that bigger screens give a fuller experience.

On the music front, many new artists emerged from all over the world. However, the music part of the SXSW Festival is still underway, having just started a couple of days ago.

South by Southwest, definitely seems like the all-rounder festival everyone should attend.

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