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Poker is not just a recreational game played for fun. There are some valuable skills one can learn in poker that can be used in your own personal life. Whether it’s analysing the variables or dealing with failure, poker skills are actually worthwhile life skills. Here are some poker skills you can harness in real life situations.

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Negotiate Like a Boss

One thing poker teaches you is that “position is everything”. The best decision-making position in poker is one that gives you access to the most information before you have even made a decision. In poker this is the position where you get to act last which means you already know what everyone else has decided to do.

Analyse those Variables

While the best position is one that means you know everything, it is not always possible to have all the information. Like poker, life is often filled with incomplete information. The best way around this is to analyse all the variables – whether it’s based on math or a simple poker tell. Poker teaches how to analyse the variables based on incomplete information so that you can ultimately make the best decision.

Keep Cool, Calm and Collected

You don’t want others to know that you’re desperate for a deal and that’s where the poker face comes in. It’s easy to get angry in poker which may often lead to you being thrown off your game. Poker teaches you to keep your emotions in check even though you may be raging and seeking revenge. A calm head makes for calm decision making in poker and in life.

Good Things Come to those who wait

Discipline. An all-important factor in the game of poker. In poker, discipline is knowing when to end the game before you lose too much. It’s knowing when to “call” and when not to “call” just because you’re impatient. It’s biding one’s time for the absolute right moment. Discipline can be developed in the game ofpoker and used as a positive habit in life.

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