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Everyone is familiar with the popular trilogy Ocean’s Eleven, Twelve and Thirteen. With the movies quirky lines and tongue-in-cheek humour, it has been a favourite amongst millions of viewers. Now there’s a real-life copy-cat who has perhaps taken the movies a little too seriously and who recently managed to bag an incredible AUS$32 million from the Crown Casino in Melbourne.

Crown Casino Melbourne

The tricksters managed to walk away with the money through the use of a £3 earpiece and a computer. It’s believed they got access to the casinos security camera and were able to tell their front man what bets to place and when. The man is well-known to the casino staff as he frequently bets huge amounts at a time.

The operation went smoothly as nothing seemed out of the ordinary, until the whale seemed to have telepathic skills and the casino called in security experts to take a closer look at camera footage. They soon realized that remote access had been given to an unauthorised person. The man and his family who had been staying at the Crown Casino Hotel were escorted out and he’s been banned from the casino. The man has apparently left the country.

Crown Casino is slowly recovering a large portion of the stolen money and they’ve said it goes to show, casinos are not unbeatable and often they lose to punters who have a lot of experience.

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