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Google I/O kicked off on Wednesday, 18th May 2016 and has been on fire ever since, leaving us with plenty to talk about. You don’t have to be a tech person to be interested in the Google IO because we’re all just tech people now.

Googl e IO 2016

The best developments that emerged from the opening keynote were the Android N, Google Daydream, Android 2.0, and Google Home. The big one being Google Home where Google Assistant will make its debut. Google Home will let you run your home in a smart way. From answering questions, making dinner reservations, playing music to turning the lights on and off. Google Home is set to be available later this fall.

Allo and Duo

The next introduction was to the Allo and Duo apps. Allo integrates Google Assistant, smart photo recognition and also focused on emojis. Allo searches your text history and gives you suggestions on what it thinks you would like to say. If this wasn’t enough, Allo will also personalize your response based on how you converse. Allo can also be utilized in group chats. Duo was the next app – its video calling app that’s pretty much seamless and is the video partner to Allo. What makes Duo unique is that it includes a feature called Knock Knock. Knock Knock allows for seamless streaming video call and the video call actually begins before you even answer it. Duo allows the person being called to see what’s happening before even answering the video call.

The good news is that Duo will be available for both iOS and Android platforms.


This new platform announced by Google is, sadly, only for Android devices. Google Daydream is a VR platform that allows users to browse apps, watch movies and play games all in Virtual Reality. It includes a control. However, not much was revealed about the headset.

Google I/O expects the developer community to provide more exciting possibilities for these new platforms and apps. With Google I/O just having begun, we can expect much more exciting news and developments to come throughout the duration of the event.

Have a look at the highlights so far below

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