Game of Thrones Season 6 Premier

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Game of Thrones Season 6 Premier

The Game of Thrones season 6 premiered yesterday, with the first episode titled “The Red Women”. The episode was all about empowering women and how they should take control in a patriarchal society.

Game of Thrones Season 6 Premiere

Taking off from where season 5 ended, the season 6 premiere definitely offered plenty of twists that you should know, but might have gotten lost. Season 6 deviates away from the books, which in this case is a good thing as it gives viewers more of an idea of where George R. R. Martin is going with the story.

SPOLIER ALERT! The rest of the blog may contain some spoilers if you haven’t been able to catch the season 6 premiere episode.

Things you have missed in the first episode:

  • Melisandre isn’t just old- she’s centuries old. The episode finally reveals Melisandre’s real age.
  • Melisandre’s necklace is a showstopper with it been a point of interest from quite some time now. However, one question hovers about the necklace, is it her secret source of power?
  • Jon Snow’s direwolf has suddenly become very significant in the show. It has been said that the wolf plays an integral role in the fan theory about how Jon Snow could be brought back… But will he actually be brought back?
  • Bran Stark is still absent. He is expected to make a return in this season after spending the last two seasons away. We can ask ourselves, what game changer this will present when he finally returns.
  • The first episode has already presented a death. Doran was killed by the Sand Snakes with in the first 30 minutes of the season 6 premiere. This is no biggy if you have only watched the show. However, if you have read the books, then your thoughts may be slightly more frustrating.
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