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What a Trump Win Means for Online Gambling

Trump has been a strong advocate for online gaming, so the online gaming industry may not want to dismiss his presidency in a haste. During his candidacy and election campaign, Trump relied on the support of many Las Vegas moguls. With the exception of the MGM’s Jim Murren and Steve Wynn, Trump easily garnered the support of big names in the casino industry in Las Vegas. It was all too easy to support a candidate who would be supportive of the gambling and casino industry. Trump may be indebted to his Las Vegas supporters which could mean a bias decision making when it comes to online gambling. Making America great again could also mean making online gaming great again.

Donald Trump

Support for Online Gambling

It’s no secret that Trump has been a strong supporter for the legalisation of online gambling. Trump was quoted by Forbes in 2011 with the following statement on online gambling: “it has to happen because many other countries are doing it and like usual the U.S. is just missing out”. While the legalisation of online gambling is not a pressing issue, it wouldn’t be outlandish to assume that Trump would not place himself in opposition to the legalisation of online gambling. While Trump may not actively or voraciously advocate for the legalisation of online gambling while in the White House, he wouldn’t entirely distance himself from the issue either. We can deduce what Trump’s stance might be on online gaming, but it remains unclear what will happen to Trump’s own businesses.

The Future of Online Gambling

It’s possible that while Trump is in the White House, that online gaming could become a topic of contention in a presidential debate. However, whether the contentious issue will lead to the legalisation of online gambling or not is still under debate. It may, however, be enough for the online gambling industry that the topic is simply just brought out into the open in a presidential debate.