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Sydney’s ‘once in a decade’ freak storm

Sydney’s ‘once in a decade’ freak storm

Author: Harry Von Schlussel

Tragically, one woman and two men have been found deceased amongst debris in their flooded home from storms that hit Newcastle, the Hunter region and Sydney.

Freak Storm Hits Sydney
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The storms started raging from Monday night and it’s predicted they will last until Wednesday, but since the start, 200 000 people and businesses have no electricity and more than 50 people have been rescued from the floodwaters.

The storms have caused absolute havoc and this kind of damage caused by severe rains hasn’t been seen since 2007 and to add to the chaos, emergency services are averaging 200 calls per hour.

While the storms were predicted, the scale of their severity was not anticipated and all residents are urged to practice caution when traveling and to steer clear of flooded roads. It’s been reported that many rescues come as a result of people taking chances and trying to cross flooded roads and paths, as the water is much deeper than what they anticipate and the current is also a lot stronger than it appears.

Who can you help? If people near you need food and shelter until the storms subside, perhaps offer what you can in order to help a fellow Aussie in need. Rescue operations are also fighting against night time and would greatly appreciate any help you can offer in assisting them in their rescues. Go down to your local police station or emergency services and find out where you can lend a hand.