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Microgaming's Virtual Reality Roulette Game

With the recent trend toward Virtual Reality technology in 2016, Microgaming have launched an innovative VR Roulette game that they recently revealed at ICE Totally Gaming Exhibition in London this year. The VR Roulette game did so well, it even picked up the award for ‘Innovator of the Year’.

VR Roulette

This new VR Roulette game put Microgaming on the VR map for 2016. With this revolutionary new VR technology players will soon be able to experience Online Roulette games in a whole new way . This innovation was well-received by the ICE attendees that it quickly became one of the most discussed trends at the event. VR is still a fairly new technology, with much development and improvement needed, that said, the frontier of VR has now been reached. Online Casinos can be expected to embrace the VR trend by further developing the Virtual Reality trend, and it all begins with Microgaming’s VR Roulette.

What is Virtual Reality?

VR is a simulated platform that puts the user in an entirely Virtual World. Simply put on your chosen VR headset, of which there are quite few being put on the market, and an entirely new immersive reality will await you. Probably, one of the most anticipated VR headset is the Facebook owned Oculus VR. If Mark Zuckerberg is getting on the VR train, you can be sure it’s going somewhere.

How VR Roulette Works

The VR Roulette game makes use of the Oculus Rift DK 2 headset as well as Leap Motion 3D Controller that can track a player’s hand movements. Some lucky attendees were able to experience the VR Roulette game and were thoroughly in awe of the technology. With such interest being invested in the growth of VR, it’s pretty certain that we can expect to some Virtual Reality Casinos popping up.

Watch some of the reactions to Microgaming’s VR Roulette Game at the ICE Totally Gaming Event that took place in London this 2016.