The craziest bet ever made in the history of gambling

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In 1996 Brian Zembic was bet $100,000 to get a breast augmentation and keep the implants in for at least a year. It’s been almost two decades since the bet and not only did Zembic win, he also decided to keep the implants.

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After 17 years, Zembic has grown to love is man-breasts, but perhaps it’s also because for every year he keeps them in he gets $10,000. He has also admitted to becoming a lot more sympathetic toward the difficulties women experience when it comes to buying the right bra that will provide the best support and comfort.

The only down-fall to the surgery is how Zembic worries about what his body will look like if he ever decides to take the implants out and what other surgeries will be required if the stretching is extensive. Spoken like a true gambler, he joked: “Look – I have a better shot with a girl like this than I do if they’re hanging with nothing in there so I’m playing the odds here.”

Luckily Zembic’s daughter – Mika who is now 13 years old, said she thinks the bet was a great idea and the money that comes in due to the implants pays the bills. She goes on to describe her Dad as being a 2-in-1 parent: “he’s like my mom and my dad.”

Out of all the weird and wonderful stories that have come our way, Brain Zembic’s is by far the most outlandish bet to have ever been made. While he’s still stuck with breast implants, Zembic has become quite wealthy by following through with the crazy request.

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