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Celebrities sometimes seem to have everything they could possibly need and want. They have the money, fancy cars and clothes, big houses, and holiday homes in various destinations around the world. Then just when you thought that was all, some are even fortunate enough to be blessed with the luck we all so desperately desire at the casino. As if these A-list celebrities, sports icons and music moguls didn’t already have it all, one thing you may not have known about them is their skill, or luck, at gambling. Here’s a list of the top five celebrities who have made a fortune (as if they didn’t already have one) from gambling.

Professional Celebrity Gamblers

Floyd Mayweather

It’s no secret why Floyd Mayweather goes by the name of Money Mayweather. The retired and undefeated boxing champion makes money like no other sportsman of his generation. While we’re all aware of his boxing ability, which is the foundation upon which he has built his wealthy empire, most won’t know that he likes to gamble.

In 2015, Mayweather won a large sum of $4 million from a series of bets he made on boxing fights, basketball and NFL games. However, his biggest win comes from a single NBA match which he bet on in 2013, where he won an astronomical $6.49 million. Of course, this pales in comparison to what he makes in a single fight night, we could all do with even half the amount he’s won from sports betting.

Ben Affleck

Ben Affleck is a two times Oscar winner, who has clearly mastered his poker face over the years. Affleck is a well-known blackjack and poker player, who has made a lot of money from gambling in championships. In 2004, Affleck won the California State Poker Championship, taking home $356,400. However, his biggest win is reported to have come from a single sitting of Blackjack, where he walked away with $800,000.

Michael Owen

For those who don’t know him, Michael Owen is an ex soccer star. The goal-scoring ace has enjoyed career highlights playing for Liverpool, Real Madrid, Manchester United and was also prolific for the English national soccer team. In his prime, Owen was quick on his feet and could out run most defenders. Keeping with speed, Owen enjoys a bet on the good old, natural horse power that is horse racing. Owen likes horse racing so much that he even has his own stable of thoroughbreds that race too.

50 Cent

Don’t be fooled by his stage name, the American rapper is a much higher roller in sports betting than his stage name suggests. Curtis Jackson has also walked away with a fortune in his betting career. 5o Cent is believed to have scored around $500,000 on a bet he placed on an NFL Championship game between the New York Giants and San Francisco 49ers in 2012.

Rafael Nadal

The professional tennis player has won 14 Grand Slams and too many other titles to count. It’s his competitive edge in sport that has been transferred into gambling games like poker. Nadal first started playing gambling games casually with friends. However, it was winning an online poker tournament that really sparked his interest in playing for higher stakes.

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