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Brisbane Mum Takes a Selfie With Johnny Depp… While in Her Pajamas

Brisbane Mom Takes Selfie with Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp is currently on the set of the famed Pirates of the Caribbean, filming the fifth installment with his crew at the Brisbane Marina and there was no stopping Kaylynn Maree grabbing a selfie with the star.

Ms Maree said she saw rumors on the internet about Depp being there so she quickly dressed her daughter Chelsea and out of excitement rushed down to the marine. As true as bob, Depp was there and walked by in full Jack Sparrow attire, make-up and all.

Unfortunately, Kaylynn was so excited she had rushed to the scene in her pajamas and waited around an hour in the cold to hopefully catch a glimpse of the star. Depp headed straight in Kaylynn’s direction and was more than happy to accommodate the star-struck Aussie fan with a quick photo. Kaylynn said he was being ushered on so the photo became more of a selfie instead of a proper pose.

When asked what the experience was like, she said she didn’t remember much as it happened very quickly, but from what she could remember, the experience felt “very authentic”.

More rumors were going around about Orlando Bloom being on set, so Kaylynn and her daughter are back at the marine, hoping to strike it lucky once again. And this time round, she made sure she wasn’t wearing her pajamas.

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