What are the Betting Odds for Wimbledon 2015?

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What are the Betting Odds for Wimbledon 2015?

With Djokovic, Murray and Federer being the favourites in the last few Wimbledon competitors, it’s been said that if you’re going to place a well calculated bet with high prospects of winning, then your best bet would be Djokovic.

Novak Djokovic 2015 Wimbledon

The beauty of betting on sport, well any kind of betting, is its unpredictability. Anything can happen and that’s why well calculated risks are a necessity. So here they are: Djokovic was the 2014 Champion and has been given a total of 150 betting odds of being this year’s winner. Being number one in the world is another good reason to bet on his win as he’ll not only be defending his title but also working hard to keep his world ranking.

The odds are also in favour of Murray, as he’s won the Championship before and is absolutely determined to win again – this is evident in the way he’s been playing throughout the tournament. Murray is also the favourite for the Wimbledon crowd as he is Scottish and the closest the Brits can get to a home-grown player.

And then there’s Federer who has always been a favourite amongst spectators and bettors. However, it’s rumoured he may be thinking of retiring soon as he’s won handfuls of titles, and now has two sets of twins to tend to.

In our opinion, Djokovic and Murray would be the two to go for, with Murray being the main man of choice at the moment because of the way he has played thus far and his hunger to win.

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