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The Rules of Blackjack with Crazy Vegas Casino Canada

Blackjack is an all-time classical card game. Since the introduction of online blackjack, the classics of the game and rules have not have not changed. Players take on the dealer and attempt to collect a hand of cards totalling a maximum of 21. However, players who are new to the game may not find it so simple. Crazy Vegas Casino offers a quick guide to understanding the basics of blackjack.

Blackjack Rules Canada Crazy Vegas

Basic rules:

  • Know the value of the cards you are dealt: Cards 2 to 10 have their face values (i.e 2 has the value of 2). Picture cards like Kings, Queens and Jacks have the value of 10. Aces can either have the value of 1 or 11.
  • The round starts off with everyone placing their bets: Cards are dealt after bets are placed and the game begins.
  • All players and the dealer are dealt 2 cards: From here on, you have numerous options on what to do next. See below for more details.

Players can;

  • Hit and receive another card.
  • Stand and accept the hand initially dealt.
  • Double and receive one more card while you double your bet.
  • Split to separate your initial hand into two separate hands and receive an additional card on each of your split cards. Players then have the option to either hit or stand on either of the hands.
  • Blackjack is achieved when the initial cards dealt is a combination of an Ace and 10-value card. This will mean the player automatically wins unless the dealer has the same hand.
  • There is a minimum and a maximum bet allowed.
  • The dealer has to stand on a soft 17.
  • A maximum of 3 splits are allowed.
  • If the dealer has one card valued at 10 (10, King, Queen, or Jack), there is the possibility the dealers has blackjack. This means players cannot beat the dealer’s hand unless a player also has blackjack. In the instance, no other player has blackjack, losing bets will be collected immediately by the dealer.

Types of Blackjack wins

  • Blackjack: A blackjack or natural is a total of 21 from the first 2 cards dealt. For example, this is achieved by receiving an Ace and card worth 10. Blackjack cannot be achieved from a split hand.
  • Normal Win: This is when the player’s hand total is more than the dealer’s and is less or equal to 21.
  • Push: A push is when the dealer and player’s hand is the same. Here players do not lose their bet, they break even.
  • Insurance: Insurance is offered to players when the dealer has an ace to insure the player’s hand against the dealer’s Blackjack. This will cost the player 50% of their bet plus their initial bet placed.
  • Surrender: A surrender is only allowed on the initial two cards where the player is given the choice to discontinue their play of hand for the round.

Online Blackjack FAQ

How do you play blackjack online?

Online blackjack is played exactly like the original blackjack game, where the aim is to get 21 or beat the dealer’s hand without going bust. To play for free simply visit Crazy Vegas Casino Canada and choose one of our blackjack online games. Play the game by using the respective buttons on the screen.

Are there different types of blackjack?

Yes, there are blackjack variations that are very closely based on the original blackjack game, which we recommend new players start out with. Some of the most popular blackjack variants include; Blackjack Multi-hand and Blackjack Gold Series High Streaks.

Can you card count in online blackjack?

Crazy Vegas Casino offers a single-deck blackjack game that enables to online casino players to be able to card count. However, counting cards is not as simple as it seems and takes a skilled player to count.

What is a burn card?

A burn card is the top card that is discarded once the dealer or software has shuffled the cards to ensure players that there has been no unfair interference with the shuffling. This is because shuffling can be a cheating scheme, but this negates any form of cheating.

Is the insurance bet a good bet?

The insurance bet is a side bet that claims to protect the blackjack player. However, what players don’t know is that it only protects players from the dealer having a natural blackjack which is more often less likely than you think.

Crazy Vegas Casino Canada Gives its Players a Headstart

Blackjack is an all-round action-packed game, with lots at stake. Learn how to play Blackjack by understanding these basic rules. As the old saying goes, you can't play the game without first learning the rules. Keep in mind that the rules may vary depending on the variation of the game - always be sure you review the rules before playing blackjack.

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